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Waffle Services

Tap Ins

Introducing a new way to engage your guests and drive higher in-store traffic: the Waffle Tap In™ System.

Using the Waffle App, your guests can easily Tap In at the register and receive Waffles (tokens) which can be used for store subscriptions, monthly giveaways, contests, and are fully customizable for any business or organization.

Benefits of Tap Ins:

  • Easy to install
  • Strengthens the connection between businesses and guests
  • Drives higher rates of in-store traffic than discount offers alone
  • Thanks the guest, building community engagement and support


Make every hour happy hour! Create a subscription by offering any good or service in your inventory.

Using it is simple:

  • Guests prepay via our app
  • They present the cashier a special confirmation button via the app
  • Cashier taps to confirm goods/services were delivered

It’s that easy.

Our app is faster than paying via card or cash, decreases wait times, and gets your customers out the door faster!

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